How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra

To unlock the bootloader of your device is not as hard as you might be thinking. It is a tricky thing. You just have to learn some fundamental knowledge about your android device and fast boot tools before performing this lead. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about it. We will guide you to unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy s20, Samsung S20 plus, Samsung S20 Ultra.

To unlock the bootloader of your device is one of the essential steps for customizing an Android smartphone. If you want to install any custom on your device firstly you need to unlock the bootloader. Follow our guide to be familiar with How To Unlock the Bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra

How to Unlock Galaxy S20 Bootloader

Samsung has recently customized the bootloader unlock process on its modern phones. Which is great news for the user of Samsung Galaxy s20 because this modification makes their task easier to unlock the bootloader. They just have to boot into download mode to initiate the unlock. Moreover, during the unlock process, the phone will automatically clean existing data.

Make sure you should know the following key points to unlock the bootloader pf Galaxy S20:


  • This tutorial is only for Samsung devices not for other devices.
  • Make sure your battery must be above 80-85% before starting this tutorial.
  • First, download all the required files from the download section then proceed.
  • Make sure you must backup your personal data as the booting process will wipe all your data.

Configure USB Drivers

Although requiring no exact utilities on a computer, users try to connect a USB cable to their phones to enter directly into download mode. For this step, we suggest configuring Galaxy S20 drivers on your device for appropriate recognition. For this, you can visit  Download Galaxy S20 USB Drivers

How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra

The following steps are given which you have to follow to unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Follow the steps written here sequence wise. Before going ahead make sure you have configured your computer with proper USB drivers. Here you can see the complete process to unlock the bootloader.

Step 1 – Turn your phone on and make sure you are connected to the internet. Check for any updates and, if available, install these updates.

Step 2 – After checking and installing, Go to the Settings app.

Step 3 – Search until you see About Phone. Tap it and then you will resulting page, tap Software Information. Finally, continuously tap the Build Number row until it says Developer Mode has been permitted.

Step 4 – Then go back to the main Settings page and now scroll down till you see Developer Options. From there, browse and permit OEM unlocking.

Step 5 – Turn your phone OFF. After it completely shuts down, hold Volume Up and Volume Down while connecting a USB Type-C cable that is connected to a PC to enter into the Download Mode.

Step 6 – Afterwards when you enter the download mode, your Galaxy S20 will display a splash screen (pop up window). From this menu, keep holding Volume Up.

Step 7 – Now, the phone will ask for bootloader unlock confirmation. verify by pressing the volume up button.

Step 8 – The phone will now unlock the bootloader and clean all the data of the user. Once it is done, it will reboot automatically.

Here is a complete guide to the bootloader unlock process! Your Galaxy S20 can now be flashed with custom utilities such as TWRP and root. Moreover, once your device boots, you will be greeted with the initial setup wizard just as when you took your new phone out of the packaging.

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