How to Root Android without Computer (2018) – One Click Root Apps

We have a detailed guide on How To Root Android without Computer (2018): Almost all Android users want to get much of their Android devices, and various One Click Root Apps are available to get root access on Android devices. So if you are interested then check out these handy One Click Root Apps for Android (without PC). Being an advanced Android user or Android enthusiast, you may already know that rooting your phone can unlock whole new doors. It means after rooting; you can use your Android phone to its full potential.

Even you can install custom ROMs, recoveries, third-party apps, improved battery life, optimized system and a lot more on a phone that is rooted. Users can perform most of the operations by rooting their phones by directly downloading an app now on the device.

After getting a new Android device, you can get the max out of it; once the device is rooted. After rooting your Android device, you can perform various tasks which are not possible on an unrooted phone. Rooting Android phone is an easy and straightforward job with the help of these fantastic Apps, and even a beginner can root their device without PC.

One of the best features of the Android operating system is that you can do unlimited customization in the device as Android is an open-source platform. The given apps are working on most of the Android smartphones and can help you to root your device instantly. Now go ahead and follow the given guide to root Android device without PC and any risk. Proceed to follow the given guide on How to Root Android without Computer and try One Click Root Apps For Android.

How to Root Android without Computer (2018) - One Click Root Apps

Keep in mind that the warranty of your Android device will get void after you root Android mobile without PC or with PC, but the good thing is that if your device is rooted with rooting app (without PC), then you can get warranty back by unrooting your android device again. Many Android users don’t want to root their devices in fear of losing warranty or bricking their devices but rooting with one click root apps that works without a PC, is one of the safe methods then there are no or very fewer chances that your smartphone will brick. So go ahead, and we’ll guide you in different ways that will help you to root any Android smartphone without computer r or laptop easily.

How To Root Android Without Computer (2018)

Before going to the main Below are some points and things you should know about rooting.

Advantages of Rooting Android Devices:

  • Install Custom ROMs
  • Seamless Customization after Rooting Android
  • Increase in performance After your Root Android
  • Overclock the processor to increase the speed of your android device
  • Increase the internal memory of your android
  • Solve insufficient Storage problem in Android Phone
  • Increase the battery backup of your smartphone
  • Solve the Heating issue in Any Android Mobile
  • Unlock hidden features and install incompatible apps
  • Hack WiFi from your Android device
  • Block Ads from Android Apps
  • Increase the RAM of your device
  • Install different ROMs, MODs, Kernel

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Devices:

  • Risk Of Device Brick after Rooting Android
  • Warranty Void Issue
  • Firmware Update Issue
  • Security Risks

How to Root Android without Computer (2018) – One Click Root Apps For Android

These are some of the best One-Click-Root apps. You can download and install them to get root access over the internal filesystem of your device.

1: Framaroot (One Click Root App)

Framaroot is one of the most popular Android One Click Root apps. Developers develop Framaroot over the XDA forum. A lot of Android users have tested this app and found it the best and safest solutions to root your Android phone without PC and with one click. We have given the direct link to download the latest version of Farmaroot APK file on your device and install it.

To install the Framaroot or any other APK files for the first time on Android devices, first, navigate to Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources and then enable it. Now install the app and Superuser option to root your device.

1: Framaroot (One Click Root App)

Root Android Device via Framaroot APK Without PC:

  • Download Framaroot App from below download button.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Now Click on Boromir and Wait until it does not show Su installed successfully.

2: Universal Root (One Click Root App)

The second best rooting app on our list is Universal AndRoot. If you want to root your Android device temporarily, then AndRoot is a perfect option. After installing this app, you can patch an app, try out a custom ROM or want to access some system files. First, download and install the app on your device from the below link using the method mentioned above.

Universal Root

Steps to Root phone using Universal AndRoot Without PC Step by Step:

  • Download Universal Androot app from below download button.
  • Install it on your android device.
  • Open the app.
  • Now click on Root to start the rooting process.

3. TowelRoot (One Click Root App)

TowelRoot is also widely used to root Android devices and also supports soft root method temporarily so root access will be removed once you reboot your device. This rooting app is the ideal choice for you to root Samsung Galaxy devices. TowelRoot is designed to be more compatible with Samsung devices, but you can use it with most popular Android smartphones and tablets.


Steps to Root Android Devices using TowelRoot: 

  • Download TowelRoot apk from the below button.
  • Install the apk on your device.
  • Open the app after installing.
  • Now click on Make It Rain.
  • Wait for some time. It will take some minutes to install Su library on your Android device.

4. iRoot (One Click Root App)

iRoot (Chinese App) is the cleanest and a great app to root any Android device without using PC. iRoot comes with many mods which are also available in its English version. This app has a simple user interface which is less confusing than the other apps and contains a few extra useful features as well. You can download and install the iRoot app on your device by downloading the APK file from the given link below.


Steps: How To Root Android using iRootAPK Without PC: 

  • At first download iRoot app from the below download button.
  • After downloading the app file, tap on it to install.
  • Once the installation process is completed, then open the app.
  • Click on I Agree.
  • Now click on the Root button.
  • It will start rooting your phone.

5. Z4Root (One Click Root App)

Z4Root is one of the oldest apps which is used to root Android devices without using a computer. The success rate of this app on all devices of Samsung Galaxy S series is 99%. If you have a device like HTC, Motorola, Sony then goe ahead and download this app to root without PC.


Steps: How to Root Android without Computer using Z4Root:

  • Z4Root Android device from below given download button.
  • Now install this app on your Android device.
  • Open the app.
  • Just click on the Root button.
  • Now, wait for some seconds until the root process gets completed.
  • Now just restart your device.

Now you know that how to root Android without computer (2018). These are some of the best one click root apps for Android. You can use them to root Android without PC.

Let us know in the comments area below if you are using any other best app. So will also add them to our list.

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