How to Check Apple Watch Warranty

Apple watch warranty

Electronics products can get damaged over time. No matter how well the product is manufactured and assembled by a company it can be damage. And this failure can be caused by an excess of temperature, mechanical stress, a surplus of current or voltage. Apple Watch is no exemption. Apple watches are expensive, and its after-sales service is not cheap either. None of the apple products after-sales service is inexpensive, and that is the reason why Apple has offer Applecare and Applecare+. If your Apple watch is under any of these services, then you can repair it for free.

There are some conditions to these cost-free repairs and a time limit or expiry date too. So if you own an Apple watch and it is comparatively new, then you should check your device warranty. You need to know whether or not your device has a warranty. There are two methods to check it. Either you can check it directly from your iPhone using the Apple Store app, or you can go to Apple’s site from any device using any Web browser, and you will come to know your answer. In this guide, we will take a look at both of these processes.

Check Apple Watch Warranty Using the Apple Support App:

The Apple Support app is an easy way to check information about your Apple products associated with an Apple ID. Apple support app is Apple’s very own application that gives you a detailed insight into your device. In this bit of information, you can also check your warranty status using the app.

  • Firstly, Download and install Apple Support from the app store.
  • Open the Discover screen; select the Account icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select Check Coverage from the menu items. Here, you’ll see a list of your current Apple products associated with your Apple ID. Here you will see your apple watch too and whether or not you have a current warranty.

How to Check Apple Watch Warranty 1

[Tip: You can also enter your device’s serial number if you can’t locate your device from the list. Select Lookup a serial number and enter it or take a photo of it.]

  • Then tap on your watch, and you will see all the information about your watch’s warranty, along with its serial number. You will also find the expiration date of your warranty on the watch.

Check Apple Watch Warranty Using the Web Browser:

You can use the Check Coverage portal online to check the status of your Apple Watch warranty. Before you get started, this process will require you to find your device’s serial number.

To know your serial number promptly, simply open up the Watch app on your iPhone. Then, select General > About and scroll down until you find the serial number.

  • With your device serial number, you can find the status. Go further on and log onto
  • How to Check Apple Watch Warranty 2
  • Here you will see a dialog box asking for a serial number type in your serial number as well as the captcha code to prove that you’re not a robot. Select Continue to move forward.

How to Check Apple Watch Warranty 3

  • Then tap on continue.

How to Check Apple Watch Warranty 4

  • On the next screen, if you entered correct data then you’ll see your available warranty coverage such as telephone technical support, repairs, valid purchase date and service coverage, etc.

Now you know how quickly you can check your Apple Watch warranty just in a few steps. If you have any issues and queries regarding this process while checking your warranty, then comment down below, and we will help you.

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