How to Backup Data On Android Devices without Root (Helium App)

Here we have a detailed guide on how to backup data on Android devices without root. Now you can create the backup of all your images, apps, videos, and other files without rooting your Android device. Follow the given easy guide to backup data on Android devices without root. Backup is an important factor in doing performing any operation on your Android devices like installing custom ROMs, recoveries, kernels or rooting. The first thing that comes to mind is to secure the data and it is a nightmare to lose all the data only to later realize the importance of the creation of backups.

You can find a huge amount of third-party apps that you can use to backup data on Android devices (rooted). If your device is not rooted then it’s not an easy task to backup your data as compared to a rooted phone. But many Android apps launched that can make Android backup without root. So, whenever if you want to flash a custom ROM, restoring stock ROMs, unlocking the bootloader or maybe just a mod then you’ll need to know how to backup data on Android devices. A Backup is an accumulation of archived data in order to restore to the original state, in case of a data loss. Now proceed to the given guide on how to backup data on Android without root.

We have already shared a detailed guide on How To Create & Restore Nandroid Backup On Android Devices for rooted Android phones users. Taking regular backups will safeguard you from any accidental data loss. In case anything goes wrong while performing any operation on your device, you’ll be able to restore your data back. There are many apps to use for backup purposes without root like Holo Backup, G Cloud Backup, Super Backup, Easy Backup and Restore but Helium is the best.

Now, we’ll help you to create a backup of your apps with the most competent method on your non-rooted using Helium. Helium is an amazing app developed by the famous – Koushik Dutta. This handy app helping Android users making complete application backups without any root.


How To Backup Data On Android Devices:

You can use the given tutorial on a non-rooted Android device. In case you have rooted your phone then you are free to make a full Android backup via TWRP recovery (Nandroid Backup) or use Titanium Backup.

Now having a non-rooted device, follow the given step-by-step simple guide to backup your important data on Android device without rooting, using ‘Helium’ Android app.

Helium (Free) Features:
  • Making Backup Important Data On Android
  • Data Backup and restore to SD card
  • Backup and restore from PC
Helium (Premium) Features:
  • No ads
  • Automatic Backup schedules
  • Android to Android sync
  • Cloud backup and restore
    • Dropbox
    • Box
    • Google Drive

How To Backup on Android Devices Without Root & Restore it

1. Download Helium App:

First of all, install this app from Google Play Store by following the given link.

Helium - App Sync and Backup
Helium - App Sync and Backup

2. Enable USB Debugging: 

Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on your device by navigating to Settings. Follow the link to know how to enable USB Debugging on Android.

3. Download Helium Desktop Installer:

Next, download the Helium Desktop Installer for your OS from the following link and install it.

4. Launch the Helium app:

Once the installation completes, launch the Helium app on your Android device. A message will appear prompting you to enable backup by connecting to the Helium Desktop Application.

5. Install Android USB Drivers:

Download the right Android USB Drivers from the following link and install them on your PC.

6. Connect with Helium Desktop Application:

Now, you will need to launch the Helium Desktop Application on your PC. Connect your Android device using its USB data cable to the PC. After detecting the device, the desktop application would be activated. Now, you can disconnect your Android phone from the PC.

Note: You need to repeat the above process of pairing up as Android reset the changes made to helium with every reboot.

7. Select Apps for Backup:

Here, you can see a list of all the available apps that you can backup and a list of apps that can’t be backed up as well.

Note: While selecting apps for backup, if you check the ‘App Data Only’ option then the APK files for the required apps would not be backed up. You’ll need to install the APK files before restoring the created backup. But if you want to include the APK files too then uncheck that option.

8. Backup Destination:

Just choose any destination to store backup and the backup process will automatically start. You can either simply back up the application on the Internal storage, or add a cloud storage account (G Drive, Dropbox, and Box).

9. Data Restoring:

In order to restore your data, tap on the ‘Restore and Sync’ option. Check the app you want to restore and then tap on the Restore button.

Done! These were the easy steps on how to backup data on Android devices without root. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or questions regarding the above guide.

Images Source: Google Play Store

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