Download Towelroot APK Latest Version (All Versions)

Download Towelroot APK Latest Version (All Versions): One click rooting apps are getting popularity because there is no need to have enough knowledge to get root access over the internal filesystem of an Android phone and install third-party apps, custom ROMs and recoveries etc. Towelroot is one of the most popular rooting apps like Kingroot, Root Genius App and iRoot App that can be used to root most of the Android devices within no time. Towelroot supports android 2.2 to android 4.4 currently. Today we going to share all versions of Towelroot App. All you need to Download Towelroot APK Latest Version directly on your phone. Launch it and tap on Make it Ra1n. Your device is rooted. Done!

download towelroot apk latest

As Towelroot is a small file of about 100kb so if SuperSU app is not installed after the installation of Towelroot then you may also need to install SuperSU app from the given link or from Google play store.

Developer: Codingcode
Price: Free

This app is working with all devices running on Android OS released before June 2014 (KitKat), so even AT&T and Verizon devices can be rooted with Towelroot. Please keep in mind that Towelroot is now officially discontinued by the developer (geohot), so you’ll not be able to get any further updates in future.

Download Towelroot APK Latest Version (All Versions)




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