Download Samsung USB Drivers All Versions (v1.5.33.0-v1.5.59.0)

Whenever we need to connect our smartphone to the PC for many reasons like rooting, installing ROMs, recoveries or even data transfer, then USB drivers must be installed on the PC. In this post, we have tried to provide the list of maximum Samsung devices and Samsung USB drivers in one place. No doubt Samsung is one of the leading Smartphone manufacturing company that not only makes the best smartphone but also provide excellent customer support to clients.

In this guide, we’ll let you know that how to manually flash all the required drivers for the Samsung smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Galaxy S2 I9100, and I9100G, Galaxy S3 I9300, and I9305, Galaxy Note N7000 and Galaxy Note 2 N7100, etc. on the PC. Although Samsung has also provided Samsung Kies (PC Sync Software) that enable users to Sync Files between Samsung devices and PC as well as Kies comes with the USB drivers that allow your computer to recognize your Samsung Smartphone quickly when connected with the USB cable.

Download Samsung USB Drivers All Versions (v1.5.33.0-v1.5.59.0) 1

Here we have given the list of the original Samsung USB Drivers for most of all Samsung Smartphones.

Download Samsung USB Drivers (All Models):

No.Device Model NameDrivers
1Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679Download
2Samsung Exhilarate i577Download
3Samsung Galaxy A3Download
4Samsung Galaxy A3 DuosDownload
5Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)Download
6Samsung Galaxy A5Download
7Samsung Galaxy A5 DuosDownload
8Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)Download
9Samsung Galaxy A7Download
10Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)Download
11Samsung Galaxy A8Download
12Samsung Galaxy A8 DuosDownload
13Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)Download
14Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (all variants)Download
15Samsung Galaxy Ace 3Download
16Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 (all variants)Download
17Samsung Galaxy Ace Advance S6800Download
18Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (all variants)Download
19Samsung Galaxy Ace NXTDownload
20Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500Download
21Samsung Galaxy Ace Style (all variants)Download
22Samsung Galaxy Alpha (all variants)Download
23Samsung Galaxy Appeal I827Download
24Samsung Galaxy Attain 4GDownload
25Samsung Galaxy AvantDownload
26Samsung Galaxy Axiom R830Download
27Samsung Galaxy BeamDownload
28Samsung Galaxy Beam 2Download
29Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100Download
30Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200Download
31Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330Download
32Samsung Galaxy Core (all variants)Download
33Samsung Galaxy Discover S730MDownload
34Samsung Galaxy E5Download
35Samsung Galaxy E7Download
36Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599Download
37Samsung Galaxy Express (all variants)Download
38Samsung Galaxy Express 2Download
39Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810Download
40Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite S6790Download
41Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite Duos S6792LDownload
42Samsung Galaxy Fresh S7390Download
43Samsung Galaxy Golden (all variants)Download
44Samsung Galaxy Grand (all variants)Download
45Samsung Galaxy Grand 2Download
46Samsung Galaxy Grand MaxDownload
47Samsung Galaxy Grand NeoDownload
48Samsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload
49Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos TVDownload
50Samsung Galaxy JDownload
51Samsung Galaxy J1Download
52Samsung Galaxy J1 4GDownload
53Samsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload
54Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)Download
55Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)Download
56Samsung Galaxy J5Download
57Samsung Galaxy J7Download
58Samsung Galaxy K ZoomDownload
59Samsung Galaxy LightDownload
60Samsung Galaxy M Style M340SDownload
61Samsung Galaxy Mega 2Download
62Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150Download
63Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200Download
64Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500Download
65Samsung Galaxy Music S6010Download
66Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012Download
67Samsung Galaxy Note (all variants)Download
68Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeDownload
69Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (all variants)Download
70Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (all variants)Download
71Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NeoDownload
72Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo DuosDownload
73Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (all variants)Download
74Samsung Galaxy Note 4 DuosDownload
75Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (CDMA)Download
76Samsung Galaxy Note 5Download
77Samsung Galaxy Note 5 DuosDownload
78Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (CDMA)Download
79Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Download
80Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-FiDownload
81Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (all variants)Download
82Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)Download
83Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (all variants)Download
84Samsung Galaxy Nexus (all variants)Download
85Samsung Galaxy On5Download
86Samsung Galaxy On7Download
87Samsung Galaxy Player 70 PlusDownload
88Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300Download
89Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302Download
90Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus S5301Download
91Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2Download
92Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310Download
93Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570iDownload
94Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260Download
95Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2Download
96Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720CDownload
97Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950Download
98Samsung Galaxy Round G910SDownload
99Samsung Galaxy Rush M830Download
100Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547Download
101Samsung Galaxy S AdvanceDownload
102Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769Download
103Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562Download
104Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582Download
105Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3Download
106Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G R940Download
107Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G T699Download
108Samsung Galaxy S2 (all variants)Download
109Samsung Galaxy S2 DuosDownload
110Samsung Galaxy S2 PlusDownload
111Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD I757Download
112Samsung Galaxy S3 (all variants)Download
113Samsung Galaxy S3 MiniDownload
114Samsung Galaxy S3 NeoDownload
115Samsung Galaxy S4 (all variants)Download
116Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveDownload
117Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniDownload
118Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomDownload
119Samsung Galaxy S5 (all variants)Download
120Samsung Galaxy S5 ActiveDownload
121Samsung Galaxy S5 DuosDownload
122Samsung Galaxy S5 PlusDownload
123Samsung Galaxy S5 MiniDownload
124Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini DuosDownload
125Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoDownload
126Samsung Galaxy S6Download
127Samsung Galaxy S6 (CDMA)Download
128Samsung Galaxy S6 ActiveDownload
129Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeDownload
130Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (CDMA)Download
131Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusDownload
132Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus DuosDownload
133Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (CDMA)Download
134Samsung Galaxy S7Download
135Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeDownload
136Samsung Galaxy Star S5280Download
137Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260Download
138Samsung Galaxy Star Trios S5283Download
139Samsung Galaxy Star 2Download
140Samsung Galaxy Star 2 PlusDownload
141Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G I200Download
142Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (all variants)Download
143Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (all variants)Download
144Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (all variants)Download
145Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite (all variants)Download
146Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (all variants)Download
147Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (all variants)Download
148Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 VEDownload
149Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 VDownload
150Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (all variants)Download
151Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0Download
152Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (all variants)Download
153Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (all variants)Download
154Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (all variants)Download
155Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (all variants)Download
156Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0Download
157Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7Download
158Samsung Galaxy Tab Active (all variants)Download
159Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0Download
160Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6Download
161Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (all variants)Download
162Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (all variants)Download
163Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0Download
164Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7Download
165Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4Download
166Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1Download
167Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2Download
168Samsung Galaxy Trend II Duos S7572Download
169Samsung Galaxy VDownload
170Samsung Galaxy V PlusDownload
171Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300Download
172Samsung Galaxy ViewDownload
173Samsung Galaxy W (all variants)Download
174Samsung Galaxy Win I8550Download
175Samsung Galaxy Win Pro G3812Download
176Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2Download
177Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3Download
178Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102Download
179Samsung Galaxy Y Plus S5303Download
180Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512Download
181Samsung Galaxy Young S6310Download
182Samsung Galaxy Young 2Download
183Samsung Google Nexus 10 P8110Download
184Samsung IllusionDownload
185Samsung ReppDownload
186Samsung Rugby Smart I847Download
187Samsung ZDownload
188Samsung Z1Download
189Samsung Z2Download
190Samsung Z3Download

If you can’t find your smartphone in above list then simply download the Samsung USB Driver from the below links which work for all Samsung devices:

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