How To Download And Install Magisk 18.1 And Magisk Manager 7.0

Here is how to download and install Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0. Magisk is one of the most popular rooting tools for Android devices. Magisk is developed by XDA developer topjohnwu. The good news is that recently he released the latest and new version of Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0.0 for Android. The Magisk 18.1 and Latest Magisk Manager 7.0. comes with many new features, substantial improvements, and new capabilities.

If you compare Magisk to the Chainfire’s SuperSu, the Magisk is the best tool for rooting your device. In this article, we share the latest version of Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0.0 link. Through that, you can download and install this new version of Magisk. Given below we share a simple guide on how to install the Magisk on Android phone.

The Magisk 18.1 including many new tools such as now you can get the official support for MIUI 9.0 firmware from Huawei and also Kirin 960 devices. The Magisk Manager 7.0 comes with major UI changes with a more modern look, an app has been redesigned, reduced memory usages when verifying boot image and so on. Also the most important is that it is extending support all the way down to Android 4.2. If you already install the Magisk then you can download the new version of Magisk 18.1 and update things inside the app. By following given below simple guide you can easily and quickly install Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0 on your Android phone.

How To Download And Install Magisk 18.1 And Magisk Manager 7.0

The Magisk 18.1 supports all the previous version of Magisk, so you can use the latest version of all your devices. Also, the Magisk is fixed post OTA scripts for A/B devices. Magisk is not only the rooting tool but it also helps you to Add third-party features using Magisk Modules, Remove kernel features like dm-verity, tweak the apps without tampering the system files, Manage root permissions and so on. If you are interested in installing Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0 on your Android phone. Then go ahead and follow the given steps.

Magisk 18.1 Features and Changelogs

  • [General] Support EMUI 9.0
  • [General] Support Kirin 960 devices
  • [General] Support down to Android 4.2
  • [General] Major code base modernization under-the-hood

Magisk Manager 7.0.0 Features and Changelogs –

  • Major UI redesign!
  • Render Markdown natively (no more buggy WebView!)
  • Support down to Android 4.1 (native Magisk only support Android 4.2 though)
  • Significantly improve Magisk log display performance
  • Fix post-OTA scripts for A/B devices
  • Reduce memory usages when verifying and signing boot image
  • Drop support for Magisk lower than v18.0

How To Download And Install Magisk 18.1 And Magisk Manager 7.0


  • Take a complete backup of your phone before proceeding to the installation guide.
  • Make sure that your device has an unlocked bootloader because installing Magisk on Android required Unlocked Bootloader.
  • You must have working and the latest version of a TWRP Recovery already installed on your device.
  • The battery level of your device should be at least about 50 to 60% to avoid unexpected shutdowns during the process.

Disclaimer will not responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your device before or after following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0:

How to Install Magisk 18.1 on Android Devices:

  1. First download the Magisk 18.1 .zip file including Magisk Manager 7.0.

Done you have successfull install Magisk 18.1 on Android devices.

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