Download USB Drivers for Android Devices Windows

We are sharing the latest Android USB Drivers for Windows. Now you can easily download Android USB Drivers for Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, ASUS, Motorola, Nokia, and others. USB Drivers for Android smartphones/tablets are important whenever you want to connect Android phones to the PC using USB cables. If these drivers are correctly installed on the PC then it will recognize your device and interacts with the PC. So, we can say that USB Drivers are one of the must-have tools that you need to install on your Windows or Mac before connecting your phone. Below you can find the Android phone drivers for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS X / macOS.

Android users usually connect their Android devices to the PC for different purposes like transferring data, syncing device with a PC, using with tools like Odin, Sony Flashtool, rooting and flashing firmware on Android devices. If you have installed the USB drivers correctly then you can connect Android phones to the computer and perform various tasks. Here, we have given the direct links to download USB drivers for most Android device manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi, ASUS, Dell, and ZTE etc. Proceed to download Android USB Drivers.


Keep in mind that the USB drivers, we have provided in the given guide are compatible with almost all devices made by the respective brands. USB drivers work as Bridge between your PC and Android phone. You can also download these Android USB drivers mostly from the official websites of device manufactures for Windows / Mac OS. But in case you are not able to download from there, then we have compiled a list of all the major manufacturers and links to their USB drivers / PC Suite. Go ahead and download the correct USB drivers for your device now.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows – Android Phones / Tablets

Here is a list of popular Android device manufacturers with a link to their USB drivers for download:

1) Xiaomi USB Drivers

2) Lenovo USB Drivers

4) Acer USB Drivers

5) Sharp USB Drivers

6) Amazon USB Drivers

7) Pantech USB Drivers

  • Download Pantech USB Drivers/PC Suit

8) ASUS USB Drivers

9) Huawei USB Drivers

10) Dell USB Drivers

  • Download Dell (Phones & Tablets) USB Drivers

11) Intel Android USB Drivers

12) ZTE USB Drivers

13) Sony USB Drivers

14) LG USB Drivers

15) HTC USB Drivers

20) Nokia USB Drivers

21) OnePlus USB Drivers

22) Toshiba USB Drivers

23) Infinix USB Drivers

24) OPPO USB Drivers

25) YU USB Drivers

26) Alcatel Mobile USB Drivers

27) HiSense USB Drivers

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If you have not found the correct Android USB Drivers for your device then let us know in the comments area or feel free to request a specific Android USB driver from the contact page.

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