How To Hide Notch on Xiaomi Android Devices [Nacho Notch Hider APK]

Today, we’ll let you know that how to remove / hide Notch on any Xiaomi Android device. In 2017, Apple launched his smartphone known as iPhone X with Notch display. The Notch display is the new trend among the manufacturers. It is the first time Apple launched his smartphone with Notch display. After that, the Notch design has become a trend among Smartphone manufacturer.

Many popular companies got inspired from this design and launched their smartphones with Notch display including Apple, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi and much more. Xiaomi is one of these companies who launched their smartphones with Notch display. After releasing the device with Notch design, many users started complaining about it. So if you are one of among those users who don’t like Notch design then no need to worry. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove or hide Notch on any Xiaomi Android phone.

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The Notch is an annoying glass in the top middle of the screen which is not part of the display. To hide the Notch design on any Xiaomi Android phone is not rocket science. Given below we share the link of an app. Just download Nacho Notch Hider APK and hide Notch on any Xiaomi Android phone. This application is simply merging the horizontal space with cutout display so that cutout is not visible. If you are interested in hiding Notch on any Xiaomi Android phone, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.


How To Hide Notch on Xiaomi Android Devices [Nacho Notch Hider APK] 1

Required Files to Download:

Steps to Hide Notch on Any Xiaomi Android Phone:

  1. First of all, download and install Nacho Notch hider app from Play store.
  2. Allow all the permission from the settings menu (Go to Settings > Go to App Manager > find Nacho Notch and grant all the permissions under the Permission section.)
  3. Now you need to drag down the status bar and tap on “edit”.
  4. Now drag it to the primary tile section.
  5. You can just tap on it to activate and disable the display cutout or vice-versa.

Nacho Notch Hider [APK Download]

Done. You’ve successfully hidden Notch on your Xiaomi Android smartphone.

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